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The text of the Recommendation as adopted by the European Parliament and by the Council in 2009 can be found here
ECVET Useful Sources

Useful Sources

Information about the activities of the ECVET Team which supports the ECVET Network and provides training on ECVET to its members can be found here.
The European Commission has updated the previously published ECVET Questions and Answers document further explaining the ECVET concepts and principles. In the revised version of February 2011, several new examples of good practice have been added. The document can be downloaded here.

A short interactive version of the Questions and Answers document can be found on the ECVET-team-website.

There is a number of projects related to ECVET that are funded through the decentralised actions of the Lifelong Learning programme. Brief information about these projects can be found on the Adam database by searching for ECVET in the project name or description. Moreover, there is the thematic network NetECVET, which consists of 14 National Agencies of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). It promotes ECVET in the context of transnational mobility and supports the implementation process in the member states through a bottom-up approach. It adresses VET practitioners and supports and guides them in the application of ECVET. More information about those projects can be found in the NETECVET section on the ADAM database.
The German National Agency: Education for Europe which manages the Lifelong learning programme in Germany has published a brochure on ECVET in German. This can be downloaded  here.
Cedefop has published a briefing note on ECVETand related initiatives that can be downloaded from the Cedefop web-site.
The ECVET Team of the French Speaking Community of Belgium has produced a leaflet on ECVET in English language and a glossary of ECVET terms in French.