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Issue 10, August 2012

Issue no. 10 of the ECVET Magazine was prepared by the ECVET Support Team which coordinates the ECVET Network. It contains
  • An Editorial by Mr Antonio Silva Mendes, European Commisson, Director - Lifelong Learning: Policies and programme
  • An article on 'Quality Assurance in ECVET mobility: A basis for trust';
  • An article on 'EQAVET- promoting a culture of quality assurance in VET';
  • An article on 'Quality Assurance and ECVET: The results from pilot projects';
  • An article on 'Joint activities between ECVET – EQAVET – EQF and higher Education';
  • The ECVET calendar of activities 2012;
  • A report about 'The annual ECVET forum - An ECVET Community of Practice: what does it mean?';
  • An article about a step by step sectoral approach – 'ECVET in the shipbuilding industry';
  • An introduction of the Hungarian Team of ECVET experts;
  • An article on the CREDCHEM example 'From “trying ECVET” to “putting ECVET into practice”.