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Issue 0, S.E., June 2013

This newsletter is special edition of the ECVET Magazine.

It gives a preview to a joint conference of ECVET actions that will be held on 24-25 October 2013 in Brussels.

With the newsletter, the European Commission and its Executive Agency (EACEA) would like to invite you to the Final Conference of three actions supporting the national implementation of ECVET

Please state your interest and pre-register for the conference!
If you are interested in receiving a personal invitation from the European Commission for the joint conference on ECVET national implementation and dissemination, please pre-register on the ECVET pilot projects’ website.
Please note: Deadline for registration is 15 August 2013
The conference will bring together ca. 250 ECVET users and experts from different countries across Europe. Please note that the availability of places is limited. We will notify you should we not be able to consider your request.