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Issue 3, November 2009

The third issue of the ECVET Bulletin was distributed at the ECVET/EQARF launching conference on 17-18 November in Brussels.
In this issue you can find:
  • an Editorial by Michel Aribaud (European Commission DG EAC) prepared specifically for the ocassion of the conference;
  • an article presenting the European governance of ECVET describing the roles and responsibilities of teh ECVET network and the ECVET users' group (Michel Aribaud - European Commission DG EAC)
  • an article analysing the challenges and issues around involvement of sectors and their qualifications in the EQF process and how these link to ECVET (by Tormod Skjerve, Loukas Zahilas and Isabelle Le Mouillour, Cedefop)
  • a synthesis article form the Berlin pilot projecs' seminar on desigining units for credit transfer (by Daniela Ulicna, GHK Consulting)