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First ECVET pilot projects seminar: Setting the basis for cooperation

23 April 2009

Brussels, Belgium

The first seminar offers the pilot projects the possibility to get to know each other.
The main aim of the first seminar is to establish a sound basis for collaboration and to present the ECVET pilot projects within the broader framework of the ECVET testing and development phase.
The themes for future activities in 2009 will be jointly agreed by the ECVET pilot projects during the first seminar, taking into account their needs, expectations and progress.


Executive Agency and Commission roles
Presenter: Stefano Di Giusto EACEA

Objectives of the Seminar
Presenter: GHK

ECVET and other European Instruments
Presenter: Isabelle Le Mouillour Cedefop

Useful outcomes from some EQF pilot projects
Presenter: Karin Luomi Messerer - 3s

Useful outcomes of some previous ECVET projects
Presenter: GHK

Pilot Project Cooperation arrangements
Presenter: GHK