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3rd Seminar: ECVET - Units of learning outcomes

19 October 2009 to 20 October 2009

Berlin, MARITIM proArte Hotel

The seminar to be held in Berlin on 19-20 October 2009 will be mainly dedicated to the theme of designing units of learning outcomes.

Units are used for three main purposes:

  • Structuring the qualification from the point of view of its design and the relationship between the constitutive elements;
  •  Providing information on the content of the qualification (to, for example, inform the mobility);
  • Organisation of the access to the qualifications (assessment, accumulation, etc.).

Identifying the appropriate level of detail about unit description is crucial to the above tasks. The approaches and tools pilot projects use to define units will be explored during the Berlin seminar. 
As a result of this seminar a note on units of learning outcomes has been written and can be accessed here.


Units of learning outcomes introduction
Presenter: Daniela Ulicna GHK

Introduction to Workshops
Presenter: GHK

Workshop A synthesis
Presenter: Daniela Ulicna GHK

Workshop B synthesis
Presenter: Karin Luomi-Messerer 3S consulting