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7th Seminar: Validation and recognition of learning outcomes

24 February 2011 to 25 February 2011

Vienna - Flemings Hotel

The seventh pilot projects seminar took place on 24 and 25 February in Vienna. The main theme in focus was validation and recognition of units of learning outcomes.

The ECVET-Recommendation defines validation as “the process of confirming that certain assessed learning outcomes achieved by a learner correspond to specific outcomes which may be required for a unit or a qualification.” Recognition of learning outcomes is defined as “the process of attesting officially achieved learning outcomes through the awarding of units or qualifications”.

These processes are particularly important when using ECVET for mobility: The learner is assessed in another system and country (host institution) than the system where s/he will achieve the full qualification – thus, where validation and recognition will have to take place (home institution).

The processes of assessment, validation and recognition are the basis for credit transfer in ECVET.

Several pilot projects presented their approach to validation and recognition. Among them were projects that have already tested their approach during a mobility experience and can report on the results as well as projects that are well advanced in the planning of mobility and know how the learning outcomes will be validated and recognised.

After the presentations the participants discussed in workshops

  • the different approaches to validation, their advantages and limitations;
  • the use of learning outcomes in their context; and
  • the needs for documentation or involvement of different competent institutions in the different cases
  • the implications of different scenarios and different national contexts on the exchanges and on the requirements to support validation in the different cases.
Among the outputs of the seminar was a common note on Memoranda of Understanding and learning Agreements in the context of geographical mobility which can be downloaded here.
The seminar report and several projects' presentations can be downloaded below.


European VET Agenda
Presenter: Erik Hess

Introduction to Validation and Recognition
Presenter: Karin Luomi-Messerer

Presenter: Annie Bouder, Andreas Saniter

Presenter: Dr. Christiane Eberhardt

Presenter: Sophie Dunoyer

Presenter: Enrico Bressan

Presenter: Christina Suess, Dr. Hans-Juergen Berg