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First meeting 2nd generation of ECVET Pilot Projects

07 June 2011

EACEA-Brussels, Evere

The new generation of ECVET Pilot projects have started their work throughout spring 2011. On the whole, eight projects from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Malta have been selected.

They met for the first time in an introductory meeting on 7 June in Brussels. This meeting was the first one in a series of workshops that will accompany the work of the ECVET pilot projects throughout their life cycle.
The purpose of the meeting was threefold:·        
  • Reinforce the understanding of the objectives set for this generation of pilot projects and the expectations of the European Commission regarding the outcomes;
  • Introduce the projects to each others’ objectives, approaches and concepts;
  • Define the priorities for the cooperation among the pilot projects, between the pilot projects and GHK and the methods to be used; and agree on the work programme for the first year, including dates and topics for the next workshop(s).


Preliminary results of the first generation of pilot projects
Presenter: Daniela Ulicna

GHK Monitoring Activities
Presenter: Anette Curth

ECVET Pilot Projects
Presenter: Erik Hess