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Issue 5, June 2011

The fifth issue of the ECVET Magazine was prepared by the ECVET Support team which coordinates the ECVET Network. It contains:

  • An editorial by LilianeVolozinskis, Director for Social Affairs and Training Policy at UEAPME (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises);
  • An article by Elena Camilletti from the ECVET team about the ECVET seminars that are on offer;
  • An article by Sibilla Drews and Astrid Terreng from the german National Agency about the NetECVET Initiative (14 National Agencies from the Lifelong Learning Programme promoting ECVET);
  • An article by Thierry Joseph, director of EFMA, about ECVET as an asset to mobility;
  • An article by Reinhard Noebauer, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, about the Austrian ECVET-strategy;
  • An article by Caterina Casado Latorre, Head of Unit for VET Curricula Design and Feliu López Vidal, Technical Advisor at the Unit for VET Curricula Design about ECVET and the Catalan VET System;
  • An article by Dr Recep Altin, Deputy Director and Osman Yalçin, Project Director, Projects coordination Centre MoNE, about ECVET as a key to the VET reform in Turkey;