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Issue 8, March 2012

The eight issue of the ECVET Magazine was prepared by the ECVET Support Team which coordinates the ECVET Network. It contains:

  • An editorial by Madlen Serban, Director of the European Training Foundation (ETF);
  • An article by Thierry Lefeuvre about the ECVET mobility seminar offered by the ECVET Team;
  • An article by Elena Camiletti about the newly established ECVET national contact/coordination/reference points;
  • An article by Carlo Frising, Conseiller de direction, Chambre des salariés Luxembourg (CSL) about a conference on ECVET that took place at CSL in October 2011; 
  • An article about an ECVET workshop in Berlin that took also place in October 2011 - including interviews with Nela Plugarescu, National centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development in Romania; with Aira Rajamäki, Consellor of Education VET, Finnish National Board of Education and with Recep Altin, Deputy Director, Ministry of National Education, Project Coordination Centre, Turkey
  • A reference to the ECVET resources available on the ECVET team website;
  • A calendar with the dates of the upcoming ECVET-Network activities;
  • An announcement of the 2012 annual ECVET Forum in on 31 May-1 June in Brussels.